Nova Hüppe Q.bus | modernes Markisensystem mit einzigartigem Design

Perfect protection from every direction

A wide variety of free standing or facade mounted special sunblinds are now offered with the new shading system Q.bus. These new options would have been impossible to archieve with the known systems. The highest design standarts, the most flexible design options and an unique, patented lowering mechanism for the shading are trademarks of the Q.bus.

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The Q.bus can stand completely free with four posts. This basic version can be infinitely expanded with additional Q.bus systems to be the biggest possible shading system for example for playgrounds. The cubic basic form of the Q.bus system allows alongside its modern architectural appearance the extension to some some sort of textile conservatory. Because of its square side and frontareas, there can be installed additional vertical systems. Those sunblinds (SZ-system) are the perfect addition to the horizontal shading. With this unfolds a possibility of an all around closed textile ''housing'' which ensures a significantly extended daily and seasonal use.



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