Flexible, modern, effective - sliding windows


This Sliding Window is an entirely new concept for in height adjustable windscreens. Through this unique product you can maximize the use of your patio/ veranda and you can easily stop the wind within seconds. For maximum comfort, a combination of windows and screens or an awning is recommended.




Installation There are several types of feet for installation available. There are also several
connectors for corner and wall attachment. All connectors and feet are made of stainless steel
Optional Interval locking at optional height.
Lock with key for lowered and/or raised position.
Electrically operated.

Tech Specs:


Five standard heights:
• 800/1300 mm (lowered position/raised position)
• 900/1500 mm
• 1000/1700 mm
• 1100/1900 mm
• 1200/2100 mm (maximum width 2000 mm)
For the U.S. market, available heights are also:
36/60”, 42/72” (max. width 86”), 46/80” (max. width 80”)

Width   Maximum 2200 mm per section
Thickness   90 mm
Glass   5 mm laminated glass in the moving part. The lower fixed part is supplied with 6 mm laminated glass in standard performance but can be supplied with translucent glass or other materials.