A giant sunshade with high performance and ease of use: The Palazzo Noblesse


This large space sunshade is a worthy successor of the traditional Palazzo® model: Its high standard of performance and easy operation make the Palazzo® Noblesse impressive. Depending on the size of the sunshade, it can withstand wind speeds of up to 90 km/h, as proven by numerous wind tunnel tests. The Palazzo® Noblesse opens and closes with a maximum of 12 manual turns of the crank or optionally via the integrated remote operated motor. Thanks to its broadly supported construction as well as high quality materials from dyed acrylic fibres, it is not only wind resistant: it also offers an optimum protection from sun and rain and keeps its colour year after year. The Palazzo® Noblesse is available in fourteen standard designs – with crank or motor, heating and illumination.

Customised production in almost all shapes and sizes is possible!




ø 450 cm
ø 500 cm
ø 600 cm
ø 700 cm

450 x 350 cm
500 x 400 cm
600 x 400 cm
600 x 500 cm
400 x 400 cm
450 x 450 cm
500 x 500 cm
550 x 550 cm
600 x 600 cm


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