cormorano tucano

You are looking for an exclusive pavillon? In this case the Cormorano/ Tucano is the best choice for you!


  • Choose your size and the color of the structure and canvas
  • The outer poles out of strong, water-resistant, laminated aluminium.
  • The tarps are attached to a track, not visible from beneath. Peppy, elegant and secure.
  • Think of the structures. You are able to build attachments in every course. Create whatever you want.
  • If desired also in other formings with five, six or eight corners available
  • Shapely, ästhetic roofs for lanes, terrace - in garden and parks
  • You´re able to insert a bottom with a column-linking border. Then there are possibilities for stronghold endwalls, glass-elements, doors or sliding gates.



inside lying Structure




outside lying Structure


tucano 1