Create your personal oasis no matter where you are with our special sun protection system!


The mobile sun-protection system provides you the opportunity to fastly build up a cool oasis at any time. No matter where you are. You can build it up in the swimming pool, for a party or on a playground for your kids. With the aid of this unique system protection against the  sun and dangerous UV-radiation is guaranteed.


sonnensegel 3


Material and Technology: Two powder coated steel props are the diagonal high points, the cross diagonals are guided by guy ropes and pegs to the ground, allowing the sail receives its curved shape. Design and functionality found a perfect connection in this shade.



4,5 m x 4,5 m

6,0 m x 6,0 m


Ground Anchor: galvanized pegs


Accessories2 three-part steel props with footplate;closing credits haste with spanner