The Devolopment


The multifaceted experiences as a locksmith, constructing engineer, but first of all as a marketeer was the pre-condition for the development of the innovative "Lambert Umbrellas".


A continuously upcoming company's history took its course.


Founded in 1974 as a sole proprietorship, we focused at this time exclusively on our core competence, market umbrellas. Our goal was to create umbrellas that were able to fulfill the demands of the hard market life. Sustainability was already an integral part of our thinking, so we wanted to create high quality products that would support you on the market for a long time.


In the 1990s, we wanted to expand our offerings, but still remain true to ourselves. In this course we added sale vehicles to our program.


Continuous development is very important to us, so in 2000 great umbrellas came in to our range. Thus our market expanded to gastronomy. These umbrellas are also made out of high quality materials that guarantee a long life.


Not only our offer should develop, but also the company itself. For this reason, we moved into our new building at the "Stauferpark" in 2002.


2014 we celebrate our 40th anniversary. Today, the company is in the second generation. With practical solutions, quality, service and reliability Paul H. Lambert gained the trust of recent collegues. Both our classic and new, innovative LAMBERT umbrellas were able to convinve you! Receive old proven and develop continuously at the same time - seeks our company - with success.


Our sales advisors - approved employees - offer the unique LAMBERT Service - mobile und areawide. The complete Lambert Team counts for your trust. 
Challenge us! Convince yourself!

The Goal of over 65 Lambert employees is it to offer an applicable service and make your working day easier! We want to turn your individual wishes into reality!



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