The multi-talented: lowerable, walk-on-able.

LAMBERT sale trailers are continuously developed for you! The new type 600 is as lowerable and walk-on-able trailer a real space sensation. The fixed rear wall offers an extended surface for an optimized presentation of goods.Another advantage is that the seller stands protected inside the car. The sinking on 20-22cm over ground level is very ergonomic. On request, we can equip your model 600 with floor heating!


  • Ideal eye contact to your customer
  • Excellent presentation of your goods
  • Ergonomic work flow
  • Protected work area




  • Floor plate made of solid, waterproof birch-plywood
  • Sides and roof consist of GFK sandwich plates with rigid foam
  • Aluminium profiles
  • Front and side flaps are available in differnet versions
  • Front comer pillar of fine high quality steel pipe therefore only minimal interrupted views.


Everything is possible! From the empty cabin to equipment for textile and food sales, we will make it possible for you!