Our experience - your advantage!

For years, many hundreds of LAMBERT sale trailers have survived the tough market life. This experience lead to user-friendly, detailed solutions and convincing construction conceptions.



LAMBERT trailers...

...are small on the road and great on the market 

...are time-saving by fast assembly and dismantling

...convince due to integrated wheels

...convey a real market atmosphere by the variable roof with only two pillars

...will increase your trading success because of the clear arrangement

...have all the components such as coupling, towing bar and axle already integrated

...are equipped with high-quality products from AL-KO


Lenght of Road* Size of Stall
2,20 m
3,20 m
4,20 m
5,20 m
6,20 m
5,00 X 3,40 m
6,00 X 3,40 m
7,00 X 3,40 m
8,00 X 3,40 m
9,00 X 3,40 m
*without towing bar