Built-on you will not recognize that it is a trailer...

  • Trailer tarpaulin can also be used as canopy
  • Umbrella is closed in a way that valance and inner parts of the canopy can't get polluted
  • Patented by LAMBERT



  • It is possible to built it up to a booth within minutes
  • Maneuverable easily
  • Low own weight from 275 kg; load weight, comparable to bigger trailers: 475 kg
  • Almost every car can be used to pull the trailer
  • Versatile: the favorable offer for market, promotion and trading
  • High stability in any weather conditions
  • No part of the trailer is visible, can not be distinguished from a market umbrella
  • Storage area comparable to bigger LAMBERT sale trailers
  • Use your umbrella accessories:side sheets, supports, weights etc.
  • Hot-dipped vehicle frame; powder-coated aluminium sheets
  • High-quality workmanship!
Lenght of Road*    Size of Stall
2,10 m 4 x 3 m
3,10 m 5 x 3 m
3,10 m 6 x 3 m

*without towing bar