Sale desk individually costumizable

built up with a brace frame, linking bars, corner jointings and cross bars. The desk is prolongable optionally and it has got different heights for your necessity.


Brace frame

produced out of square steel bar, galvanized. In three different heights available: 45, 60 and 70 cm. Support surface about 80 cm, both sides height adjustable. Thus up to 25 cm can be balanced! The sale desk can be tended to the customer - up to 95 cm in height! Placed space-savingly on very tight range.


Linking bars

made of square steel bars 25 x 25 mm, galvanized, combined with a brace frame the bars create a solid table, dimensions: 1,0m, 1,5m, 2,0m

  • retainer for linking bars 
  • extension: 1,20 m 
  • cross bar


with this useful element it is possible to hook in linking bars into other bars
at every position you want!


Hook-and-loop fastener

The multi-talented! self-adhensive, 20 mm wide, guarantees an ideal hold of the lightly wooden rolls on the linking bars. Also the best choice for an easy istallation of a curtain!

  • tape, coated
  • velourtape, coated

Protection against splitting

Lenght: 1,25 m


Wooden roll standard

Light version; almost knotless slats 7x28 mm, breadth 120 cm, available in various lengths till 6m; 4 nailed, rugged tapes give additional stability. The LAMBERT roll with the red fleecetapes is applied on the linking bars. If there is an adhesive tape fixed, the construction is unremoveable.

Curtain with adhesive tape
available in different desk-heights with small fouling-strip against dirt. Fixing with hook-and-loop fastener; if required printed possible

Partition grid (see picture "trading desk")
for sorting or seperating goods, made of zinked wire grid, decorative with very good stability

End grid (see picture "trading desk")



Angular table

made out of precision-steelpipes; zinked yellow; support 100x200 cm; starting height 70 cm-116 cm; space-saving because folded; clearly arranged presentation of goods, also  available in connection with a bench-desk

    • Angular table, zinked yellow
    • Angular table, aluminium

Angular table made out of aluminium

Length 200 cm, breadth 50 cm, starting height 70 cm - 93 cm, collapsible



four levels, made of precision-steelpipes, zinked yellow, support 25 (top 50) x 150 cm, starting height 44-68-92-116 cm, collapsible 10x50x150 cm


Rank-desk, Aluminium

three levels, aluminium typ, support 30x120 cm, height 60-80-100 cm, completely collapsible to a size of 12x30x120 cm


Sloping bent

for cases, wooden cases or anything else, adjustable with a chain; stable version;
length 150 cm, height 78 cm, max breadth 58 cm

Sloping bent, collapsible

sloping support for cases, suitable for three cases, collapsible to a bundle of pipes, length 150 cm, height 57-60 cm, breadth 51 cm

Bent, collapsible

breadth 66 cm, made of precision-steelpipes 15x15 mm, zinked yellow, collapsed one piece.

Version 15x15 mm

Version 20x20 mm

67x100 cm
80x100 cm
67x200 cm
80x200 cm
cross bar

67x100 cm
80x100 cm
67x200 cm
80x200 cm
cross bar

Desk in aluminiumversion

height 70 cm, 120x150 cm, hinged
without picture, zinked yellow, height 70 cm, 100x200 cm, desk hinged, flat version


height 79 cm, breadth 50 cm, length 200 cm, zinked yellow. Exceptionally practical and decorativ with sloping desk