Mobile Handwashbasin

Stable stainless steel housing with handles. 6L water tank with water cocks. Full thermal insulation for the water tank. Integrated dirty water tank. Side splash protection. Paper-towel rail. Weight about 7 kg. Height 750 mm, ø about 350 mm.


Clip Clap

Open and closing is very easy! You give the impulse with your hands for the right height of the basket. Automatically fold out and fold in of the solid legs! Made of superstrong HDPE and buckling resistant ABS-material.

  • Size: 65x42x28,5 cm
  • Weight 2.250 g

Stand-up display

Collapsible column with metal frame of powder-coated pipe with 22 mm Ø, white, PET plexiglasplate with magnetic lock.

Sizes: 60x85 cm
30x85 cm
Straßenständer mit Betonfuß (ohne Abbildung)


  • Once folding, once pulling and go - no carrying !
  • Collapsible and easy
  • Round cord for safety
  • Stainlessaluminium- and plastic connection

Clic on picture frame

Shatter-proof plastics, A4, orange feetplate with galvanized sheet for high stability and chromed steel pipe which is telescopic to 30 cm, adjustable for height by twisting.


  • Column with frame 
  • Frame DIN-A4 orange 
  • Feetplate with telescope column
  • Put-up hinge
  • Magnet holder
  • Clip