Sophisticated and individual customer needs require special sector solutions. In this area we are the best partner for you!


For years, we have pioneered a new generation of special vehicles, which are suitable for the mobile food trade as well as for the promotion and  event sector.  The precision work in technology and quality and a mature know-how is the condition for being able to produce these high end vehicles. Our costumers especially appreciate comfort, design and the various construction solutions.

Let us indiviualize your TGV 5010!


The TGV 5010 is available with :

  • a stable Special truck frame air suspension and lowered to a step height of 38cm and even lower
  • Semi-trailers to 13.5 meters length with lowering chassis
  • Construction Interior Height: 204 cm / option: 230 cm
  • extensible side panels
  • Body lengths of 5.80 m to 11.50 m / zul.GG. 12 tons - 16 tons.
  • Motors 160-240 PS