The Palazzo® Royal impresses with attractive details and will convince you with its functionality!


Naturally anodised aluminium combined with a graphite grey finish emphasises the modern design. Its ease of use is unbeatable:

The Palazzo® Royal is opened and closed with a maximum of 19 manual turns of the crank or via the remote control operated motor. This leaves the seating below undisturbed, as the shut height is higher than 78cm for the majority of models. The innovative fastening technology ensures optimum fabric tensioning. Important: all control components and cables are integrated into the mast and operated by remote control. Additionally, Palazzo® Royal has an automatic shut down mode in case of overheating as well as an emergency option for rapid closing.


Palazzo® Royal convinces with attractive details and is the best choice for outside areas!



ø 700 cm
ø 800 cm

600 x 500 cm
700 x 500 cm
700 x 600 cm
800 x 600 cm
600 x 600 cm
650 x 650 cm
700 x 700 cm

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