Discover our new product line of innovative vehicles!


You want to open a new business with a very low investment? You want to expand your activities with significant cost savings?

In this case our new "MINI'S" are the best choice for your company!

Our new models follow the market and satisfy its changes exactly. These small vehicles offer an itinerant service and therefore they are suitable for events or fairs.

You want to offer sweet or salty products or even both? Find your perfect "MINI"!

The new "MINIS" exclusively for You!



"FLO" [Galerie]

The new vehicle concept "Flo" will convince you with its extraordinary look and its nostalgic flair. The base model of this sale vehicle is a "Porter Piaggio". You want to sale ice cream or fast food? Choose your "Flo" type! The standard version is used to sale ice cream while the "Sliding Counter" is suitable for selling fast food. It offers an itinerant service and thus it is predestined for events, fairs and also for selling your products in districts of the same town. Besides it is the ideal solution for historic city centres.

  • Stainless steel sink with water group and boiler for hot water production
  • Steel cell 58 lt.
  • Sliding counter for eight ice-cream buckets (7kg each)
  • Four practical storage buckets
  • Electrical equipment (12/220v)
  • The installed equipment is completely autonomous for a day's work
  • The van can be customized with your graphics!


"CELESTINO" [Galerie]

In the same family there is also the "Celestino". His uniquesse of Italian style will convince you! The base model of this sale vehicle is a "Porter Piaggio". It is designed to sell soft ice cream. As "Flo" you can use this van in historical centres and it is the ideal solution for events and fairs.

  • Base with storage area
  • Stainless steel top with a sink
  • Tank for the loading and uploading water
  • Boiler for hot water production
  • Paper holder
  • Ceiling lamps
  • Socket outside for network connection
  • Assembly for soft ice cream machine


"DOLCE-SALATO" [Galerie]

Sweet or salty. Sweet and salty. The new vehicle concept "Dolce e Salato" is able to adapt to your products! The base model of this sale vehicle is a "Porter Piaggio".


  • Extra large sale area
  • Cold store with a capacity of 40 l.; powered by 12V; ideal for holding product stocks
  • Rear cabine equipped for cooking: Choose your type with either a Crepes plate for the sweet or a grill for bread for the salty, OR both for the sweet and the salty!
  • Refrigerated showcase for drinks
  • Gas plant; hood for the evacuation of fumes

To maximize its use it is possible to provide extra batteries or a power generator.



Our vehicle "Gaia" is the right choice for those who work in the same location. The base model is once again a "Porter Piaggio". It is suitable for farmers, markets and events.


  • Fixed bench for the sale on the ground
  • Refrigerated display case (4 meters long)
  • Base near the counter
  • Stainless steel top with sliding drawer and a sink
  • Equipped with a tank for the loading and uploading of water
  • Water heater
  • Additionally available with a display fridge countertop (129l.)


Galerie Flo

Galerie Celestino

Galerie Dolce-Salto