E Bike

Discover our new product line of innovative vehicles: Our Mini's!


The smallest model of this series is the Velocipede "Vintage". With its extraordinary look, this electric bycicle atomizes an unique nostalgic charme! It was created to sell ice cream!


This model offers several advantages: It does not require registration and you are allowed to sell your products in public parks and pedestration areas!


You already have a business and want to start a new project? In this case the "Vintage" is the right choice for you! It will convince you with its versality and low investment.

It is also the perfect eye-catcher for private parties and small events.



  • Length: 1,20 meter; breadth: 0,70 meter
  • 3 wheels
  • Circumferential casing parts for the lodging of an ice cockpit refrigerator module for 4 cylindrical bucket
  • basic module next to the refrigerator
  • water unit

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