Hanging strips

Hanging strips are fastened either with pipe clips or fit an 25er or 20er (with distance)square pipes. Available with 12, 18 oder 23 hooks. Fixing with clamps.

Retainer for Hanging Slats


2-fold, saquare,

for standard column




2-fold, 40 mm, round, rotatable
2-fold, 30 mm, round, rotatable

3-fold, 40 mm, round, rotatable
3-fold, 30 mm, round, rotatable

Fixing of the round retainers only available in connection with proper holders


Tie rod holder

Used for the retaining of tie rods for decorative purposes. Pipe 30 mm, round,
suitable on rods and telescope rods


Distance pipe 20 mm



Retainer for Decoration Bar


square, for standard column
straight and sloping


round, 30 mm
for smooth columns


Decoration Bar

  • 1,7 m - 3 m telescopic, square, complete
  • extension for decoration bar
  • decoration bar 4m



Holder for Decoration Bar


Hanging slat straight with chain and hook

  • version small: 12 hooks 26x15 cm
  • version big: 25 hooks 52x26 cm


Decoration system for hanging slats

The build-up is done with the available columns for the umbrellas or with decoration feets. There is also the possibility to combine both elements. The retainers of the decoration square pipes will be pulled over the telescope bars or the outbord column assy and fixed. The bars can be pulled out till 3 m. At high loading it is recommend to add a culumn with a holder. Even more intervals can be reached with two decoration bars and an extension. Support absolutely necessary! 


Chain link

with screw and wing nut M 8. It is possible to hang tie rods into the last slot of the hanging slat. This combination offers you a lot of possibilities!

Telescope bar
for decoration feet

Decoration feet
with plates



strongest, collapsible development of LAMBERT

  • on four steering rolls, two are braked
  • pillar adjustable for various height
  • carrier bar in the height of 100 cm till 160 cm
  • carrier bar flexible, telescopic to 250 cm
  • buckling resistant and stable, is build-up in seconds
  • for smaller goods a second carrier bar can be used
  • squared carier bars for hanging slats
  • option: further upgrading with parallel carrier bars (round)


Hallstand with roof

With an easy trick the roof can be minimised and is suitable for every door. Solid frame on rolls with roof.


Hallstand, standard

easy version, demountable, carrier bar 150 cm telescopic till 250 cm (roundpipe for clothes-hanger or squarepipe for hanging slat)


Changing cubicle

decorativ,  inspiring confidence, two frames, 80x80 cm, 2 pipes of 200 cm, curtain is fixed at rings and relocatable. Must be closed with hook and loop fastener while using. Affixed with four rubber bands at the bottom.



for decoration, one peak, smoothed 120 mm


Ring for goods

  • Ø 120 mm with close hook
  • without hook
  • Hook (single)


Decoration grid

Wireweshed texture, zink-plated, breadth 120 cm, height 50 cm, 2 stable hooks for hanging into tie rod, decoration bar or similar, possible to hook into each other continuous


Decoration slat

for affixing of clothes-hangers, only for hooking into the decoration bar


Promotional banner

transfers information. Sizes A4 or A3, high or cross with transperent films. Affixed with holder and pipe clip at the column or inside clamp. Holder made of plastics, self-adhesive for smoothed surface or for doweling.




for halogen spotlights, telescope pipes 25/22 Ø, without a pipe clip, plate for spotlights with three bores. Spotlights turn- and slewable.