The name says it all: Castello® is almost the size of a small castle!


With only a few turns of the crank, the Castello® K4 opens and closes effortlessly over furnishings. With or without valances, it guarantees a feeling of safety for social gatherings and protects against wind and rain. Its construction, with anti-twist grooves on the pole and well supported roof struts, makes this sunshade particularly robust. All steel parts are protected against corrosion. The Castello® M4’stensioning lever can be secured with a padlock. Round or square: the Castello® is available in models K4 with crank and M4 with tensioning lever. Various fittings, such as lights and heating are available to choose as accessories. Customised advertising prints on the roof cover and valance are possible.

The construction with rotation-proof groove profiles on the pole makes the Castello® particularly tough. The sunshade canopy can be easily opened over tables and chairs and offers plenty of protection even when it's rainy. You can tauten the cover with the adjustable rod extensions.

The optional lighting and/or heating create a comfortable atmosphere at night!



ø 350 cm
ø 400 cm
ø 450 cm
ø 500 cm
ø 550 cm
ø 650 cm

400 x 300 cm
450 x 350 cm
500 x 400 cm
300 x 300 cm
350 x 350 cm
400 x 400 cm
450 x 450 cm
500 x 500 cm 


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