Very solid construction made up of precision steel pipes 25 Ø x 1,5 mm for using with clamps. No clamping mechanism, thus it it the safest connection. Support base with a hole, so that you can hang in any weights. Support height 220 and 250 cm

Over the smooth, open end different pictures can be pushed for decoration. This support is useful both for decorative purposes as well as for safing your umbrella. Support height 220 and 150 cm.


Plate weight

steel; galvanized; about 220x220x40 mm; weight: 15 kg; equipped with a carrying handle and stable hook. The hanging model for hanging in supporting bases; the lying model takes on the signs on the top of the supporting base. The innovative clamping claw holds the support. Optional in connection with a rubber disk; elastically to balance the floor.

Available in pendant or horizontal design or in combination.



made up of square steel 105x105x70
galvanized - stainless - high quality and durable!
stable hook made of spring steel and carry handle15 kg



for a secure connection of supports and tension rods.

Suitable for stabilization or for decorative purposes. High quality manufacturing! Best clamp for caliber!


Lug terminal

Smooth in connection with the outer support part; Support bracket and clamp - the most secure connection; also suitable for combinations decorative foot/ telescopig bar and umbrella.

Safe hold guaranteed! Therefore it is preferring to an universal holder! Lug terminal without a clamp!


Suspension catch

the fast connection of support parts and decorative telescope bars with umbrellas. Universally applicable for all pipe diameters of 16 - 30 mm suitable.


Anchor plate

galvanized steel plate with two bore holes. One bore receives the support base and the other one the anchor. Optimale Befestigungsmöglichkeit bei entsprechendem Untergrund.

Ideal fixing option depending on the right ground!


Support bracket

you want to have a stronger connection between umbrellas without a support? Than the support bracket is the right choice for you!


    • with lugs for clamps
    • for a smooth support and clamps or hook clamp

Plan holder

made of a Ø 25 mm pipe slid over support base for the attachment of planning




made up of steel (15mm) and abou 40 mm long with one welded hook and hardened tip.


Tension rods

suitable for the exact stabilizing construction of umbrellas; when using plannings you shouldn't miss them! Also qualified for decorative purposes and for the presentation of goods!